A variety of methods have been used to either physically isolate and / or detect dsRNA using our antibodies. These include ELISA1,2 (for quantitative determination of dsRNA), sandwich ELISA1, dot-blots2,3,4 (for quantitation, specificity testing), immunoprecipitation5,6 and immunoblotting1,7 (for detection and characterisation of dsRNA separated by electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gels).Képre kattintva az ablak bezáródik.


J2 antibody is used in dot blots to detect dsRNA from Leishmania RNA virus (LRV) in the Leishmania parasite L. guyanensis. A serial dilution of 1000 to 10 parasites from LRV-positive and negative control strains - Lg4147LRVhigh and LG4147LRVneg respectively - is shown. Picture taken from Zangger et al. (2013) PLoS Negl Trop Dis 7:e2006.

Due to the high affinity and sequence-independent binding of our antibodies, they have also been used  to detect dsRNA contaminants in RNA produced for therapeutic purposes, primarily using dot-blots3. Promising developments in gene therapy suggest such tests may provide a straightforward strategy for quality-control of in vitro produced mRNA molecules. The publications detailing such experiments can be found in our database of publications, searching for "non-viral applications" or "contaminating dsRNA detection".


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